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Sites like IFTTT, Zapier, bip.io, CloudWork, and elastic.io allow users to connect applications with links that go beyond a simple synch.

Some recipes have already established themselves as “all time” favorites (like backing up your contacts to a Google spreadsheet, or getting a push notification if it’s going to rain, or triggering a phone call by texting “helpme” to allow sudden exit from particularly bleak social situations). But others just signal the clever ways we’re finding to take full advantage of the Internet by getting it out of our faces.

One recipe will dim the automated lights in your house once your Fitbit senses you’ve fallen asleep. Another will tirelessly compile a log of Red Sox scores in a Google Spreadsheet. Another will nudge your ringer volume back up once you leave work. Another lets you know if your Wi-Fi cuts out so you don’t burn through your data plan. Others are set up to track job openings, apartments, and gadget prices.

And its reach is extending into the much-trumpeted Internet of Things. Anything from a thermostat to a motion sensor to tiny custom plug-and-play electronics can be integrated, controlled, and more or less forgotten about.

Thanks to the WeMo Maker community, we can provide some pretty cool examples of what beta testers are already doing with this technology.



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