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Managing Director/Non-Independent, Executive Director
B.A. (Hons) Degree Social Sciences majoring in Law
(University of Hertfordshire, UK)
Masters in Business Administration in International Business
(University of Bristol, UK)
43 years of age – Malaysian

Cik Rozilawati binti Haji Basir was re-designated from Non Independent, Non-Executive Chairman to Managing Director (Non Independent, Executive Director) of Nationwide Express Courier Services Berhad with effect from 2nd April 2014. Prior to her re-designation, Cik Rozilawati was the appointed Non Independent, Non-Executive Chairman of the Board effective 1st April 2010, having joined Nationwide Express Courier Services Berhad as a Director on 1st September 2000 and Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer since 31st March 2003 till 31st March 2010. Cik Rozilawati has wide experience in the areas of corporate strategy, marketing, development of new businesses and entrepreneurship both locally and overseas. Cik Rozilawati is also a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of Kumpulan Fima Berhad and serves as Director of several private limited companies in Malaysia and Singapore. She is the sister of Dr. Roshayati binti Basir, a Director of the Company and has family relationships with BHR Enterprise Sdn Bhd, the major shareholder of Nationwide Express Courier Services Berhad. She has an indirect interest in the Company via BHR Enterprise Sdn Bhd. She has never been convicted for any offence within the past ten (10) years other than traffic offences.


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