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The variety spec :

1 ) High uniformity which allow high density planting up to 18,000 plants per acre.
2 ) plant height about 180 cm (medium height ) with strong anti lodging ( wind resistant)
3 ) mature in 65 days with high 16 brix ( best eating quality corn in its range)
4 ) long shelf life fruits with high sugar retention ability. Best for wholesaler n supermarket segment.
5 ) king of fresh market segment with its beautiful white silk package and dark green husk, big n uniform cob size about 500gm-600 g per cob.
This variety is specially design for malaysia market n different from neighbouring country. It has very good tolerance against raining n drought ..
The leaf of this variety is shorter & broader with very dark green color. It produce better chlorophyll per inch leave and thus can help grower to save fertiliser application.
Most of the imitation can not produce high germination rate n high uniformity like this and are subceptible to stem rot & rust problem. Farmers can see for themselves for high A fruits harvested.
Averagely 66-68 days MATURITY PERIOD….


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