How to save and restore chat history backups

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Saving your messages

WhatsApp conversations are saved automatically every day at 4am (your local time). Run a manual back up to make sure all conversations are saved:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to Options > Settings > Chat History > Backup chat history.
  2. Tap Yes to back up chat history.

Restoring your messages

If you are deleting and reinstalling WhatsApp, you will be prompted with a message to import your backup after you first open your new copy of WhatsApp. Tap Restore and your chat history should load.

If you need to transfer your chats from one phone to another, transfer your SD card to your new phone before installing WhatsApp on it. If you do not have an SD card, you will need to copy the entire ‘wa’ folder from your old phone into your new phone’s memory. Install WhatsApp and click on Restore when you see it, and your chat history should begin loading.

Here is some technical information about your backup

  1. Backup files are saved in a folder called ‘wa’ and are called MsgStore.bak.
  2. Backup files are saved to both your phone’s internal memory and SD card, but only given that there’s enough space.
  3. Backup files are only valid for 7 days after last saved. Make sure you import your chat history before it expires!
  4. Backup files are phone number sensitive; they will only work with the same phone number.
  5. Backup files are saved in a format to be opened with WhatsApp. If you want to read your conversations on your computer you can send them as .txt file from WhatsApp to your email.

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