Cardiovascular Disease

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In 2004, US No.1 killer is cardiovascular disease, which involves the process of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis of coronary arteries increase the risk of heart attack, cerebral vessels involves the risk of stroke, and peripheral vessels the risk of an aneurysm. Over 50%heart attacks resulting death within the 1st hour. 30% of the sudden death occur within 1st sign of heart attack, with the more fortunate one have subtle symptoms that is usually passed off as minor indigestion.

Symptoms characterized as substernal chest discomfort thant comes on with exertion and is relieved within a few minutes with rest. Others symptom includes pain in th back, shoulder or down either arm and sometimes associated with sweating or shortness of breath. Final event leading to heart attack is the actual rupture of an atheromatous plague within artery immediately followed by a thrombosis totally blocking the artery.



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