Tree Dressing

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Patch canker or Bark cankers
The affected region may be scraped to remove all the rooting bark and the coagulated rubber and the wound washed well with Emisan solution.  (Emisan 10 g in 2 lit).  When the fungicide dries up apply wound dressing compound.

Dry rot, Stump rot, Collar rot or Charcoal rot
Clean up affected areas, by washing with Emisan solution. Scrape out the fructifications. Affected bark and wood show black lines. Wash the wound again with fungicide solution. When it dries up apply a wound dressing compound.  Avoid accumulation of rubber at the base of the trees. For root infection see the treatment for brown root disease.

Brown root disease
Open up the root system. Completely killed and dried roots may be traced and pruned. Partially affected and healthy roots washed with Emisan solution.  When the fungicide dries up, a thin coating with a wound dressing compound may be given.  Refill the soil and drench the base with fungicide solution.


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